Walking and Sustainable Urban Transportation

مقاله اینجانب زیر عنوان پیاده روی و حمل و نقل پایدار شهری در کنفرانس بین‌المللی معماری و توسعه شهری پایدار (ICSAUD 2012) که در شهر استکهلم برگزار شد، در تاریخ 11 جولای (21 تیر) ارائه شد. چکیده این مقاله در زیر آورده شده است:





Walking as a type of non-motorized transportation has various social, economical, and environmental privileges. Also, today different aspects of sustainable development have been emphasized and promotion of sustainable transportation modes has been considered according to this approach. Therefore, the objective of this research is exploring the circumstance of relationship between walking and sustainable urban transportation

For writing this article, the most important resources related to the traits of walking have been surveyed via a documentary method and after explaining the concept of sustainable transportation and its indicators, benefiting from the viewpoints of transportation experts of Tehran, as the capital and greatest city of Iran, different modes of urban transportation have been compared in proportion to each criterion, and to each other, and have been analyzed according to AHP method. The results of this study indicate that walking is the most sustainable mode of inner city transportation


Keywords: Walking, Non-motorized transportation, Sustainable transportation, AHP


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